Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Greetings from the Durham Chapter

Hi Wayne and greetings from the Durham Chapter.

We have been busy over the last couple of weeks covering the 5 ridings in the Durham region - Pickering-Scarborough East, Ajax-Pickering, Oshawa-Whitby, Oshawa and Durham.

Last week we handed out flyers at an all candidates meeting for the Oshawa riding during the debate on the auto industry. We also attended an all candidates debate for the Durham riding. This went particularly well and we received solid support from the NDP, Green and Liberal candidates. In fact, in his closing statement the Liberal candidate held up one of our flyers and urged everyone to read it, to support Fair Vote Canada and that he fully supported a change to a fairer voting system. We were quite pleased and felt it was a great coup.

On Monday night one of our members attended a debate in Port Perry with representatives from all the Durham ridings. She handed out flyers and talked to as many candidates as she could. She reported that she received many supportive comments.

Last night we attended a meeting in Pickering for the both the Ajax-Pickering and Pickering-Scarborough East ridings. We distributed several hundred flyers and had many people say that they want voting reform.

Tonight we are back in Pickering for the televised all candidates debate for the Ajax-Pickering and Pickering-Scarborough east ridings. There will be four of us there handing out flyers, talking to the candidates and submitting questions. We think it will be another successful night and a great opportunity.

Tomorrow we will start the day distributing flyers at the Oshawa GO station and then attending the televised all candidates debates for both the Oshawa-Whitby and Oshawa ridings. We hope to have 3 or 4 volunteers there distributing flyers and submitting questions.

On Friday we will be attending another all candidates debate for the Oshawa-Whitby riding.

Next week we have a number of events that we will be attending. I will send you an update next week.

That's all for now from the Durham chapter,

Geoff Daw

Geoff Daw is Chair of the Fair Vote Canada Durham Chapter. Durham is the area east of Toronto.


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