Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Global moment

I saw you on the Global TV debate analysis segment at the Longest Yard.
Unfortunately, only half of the maple leaf on your Fair Vote T-shirt was on
camera, so Fair Vote Canada didn't show up. So next time you are on TV,
you'll have to watch those camera lines.

Joking aside, I was very pleased to hear the word proportional
representation very early in the debate. Also the question that was asked
to Gilles Duceppe about the fairness of his party getting so many seats,
when the proportions didn't warrant that number of seats.

One of our members shared the concern that if the tories get in power, that
our momentum might slow down. What do you think?

Good to see you spreading the word!!!


Several FVC members were also interviewed by CBC Radio at the same pub.

Either we get a government we can work with, or we get new horror stories to tell. Or both.

Either way, we've got the big MO!


(Bronwen Bruch is an Executive member of the Fair Vote Canada Halton Chapter in southern Ontario.)


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