Wednesday, January 11, 2006

For Pete's sake

At an all-candidates in Peterborough last night the need for electoral reform and a move to some form of PR came up several times in the course of the opening presentations by the NDP and Green candidates and was well applauded by a large attendance.

A specific question about the issue was asked by the man in the seat in front of me (a non FVC member to whom I later gave material and a membership form) and again the positive answers from ALL candidates except the Conservative drew good applause. This to me shows how far the issue has come in the political arena and also in the public consciousness, relative to the last election.

Another FVC member and I handed out literature to folks on the way out, a few of whom stopped to chat about the issue.

For pete's sake
Mark Finnan

Mark Finnan is a Fair Vote Canada organizer in the Peterborough, Ontario area.


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